Thanks Sean @burgerrecords4life , you’re the best!! Wolf Cop OST takes it for best CSD cover!


This is another #ILMEdinburgh exclusive! It’s a super limited mini CD by Witching Waves featuring two new tracks that aren’t on the upcoming LP. Pick one up from us on Saturday! 50 copies only.

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Ltd copies of the 5 x Cassette Store Day have just gone up in the shop in case you missed them!


International Cassette Store Day IS TOMORROW!!! WHO’S READY?!?!? Find out where the fun is happening and what cassettes are coming out at!!! And remember, Burger Records in Fullerton opens at 9AM and we’ve got TONS of exclusive CSD goodies!!! 

Our 5 releases for CSD 2014 next Saturday:

The Homosexuals - Astral Glamour discography on triple cassette

The UV Race - Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2

Keel Her / Warmhammer split tape

Fair Ohs - Jungle Cats and Everything Is Dancing on one cassette

Kassahun - Masenqo Music from Rural Ethiopia


CELEBRATE International Cassette Store Day AT Rough Trade NYC ON SEPT. 27 w/ A BADASS BURGER SHOW featuring Fletcher C. JohnsonBOYTOY & Las Rosas!!! 1PM / FREE / ALL AGES / BURGER BE THERE!!!

Track from Keel Her for CSD split CS with Warmhammer!

Warmhammer tracks from the CSD split CS with Keel Her

Kassahun: Ethiopian Masenqo Minstrel - Dreambeach Records #03

We at Suplex Cassettes also co-run a new-ish label called Dream Beach Records which has released the Ngunni Lovers Lovers 7” and Fair Ohs 2nd LP.

Now, for Cassette Store Day 2014 we are releasing a limited cassette of Kassahun, a travelling musician in Ethiopia, which includes and interview with him translated into English, given you a back story into his life.

We are really excited to bring this to the greater world and to CSD!

UV Race - Greatest Hits will be the 4th release from us for this years Cassette Store Day. This will compile tracks from 7”s onto one neat little cassette package. Saw these guys a few weeks back and we are beyond psyched!

Cassette Store Day Release Number 3: Keel Her and WarmHammer.

3 songs a piece from Keel Her, lo-fi pop princess on Critical Heights Records, and WarmHammer, classic 90’s Indie rock in the vein of Superchunk and Heavy Vegetable from the guys that run Tye Die Tapes.

Out for CSD 2014 on September 27th.

Fair Ohs - 2 for 1 Tape for Cassette Store Day 2014!

Both ‘Everything is Dancing’ and 'Jungle Cats' on one cassette, super awesome and super affordable!!

Check out the ‘Ya Mustafa' single from last years Jungle Cats album.

The Homosexuals - Soft South Africans

This song was on the Hearts in Exile 7” from 1978. This is one of the 81 amazing tunes on The Homosexuals discography triple cassette release, 'Astral Glamour', that Suplex Cassette is releasing for Cassette Store Day 2014.